Competition Best Practices


There are several ways to cultivate and serve the competitive spirit of the players:  


·         Instructional Skills Clinics

·         Ladder Leagues

·         Senior Games and State Games

·         Showcase Tournaments

·         USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments

·         USAPANational Tournament

·         USAPA Guide to Refereeing Pickleball

·         USAPA Tournament Partner Search

Ambassadors, promoters, and programmers can collaborate on their tournament planning and define a series of events that creates an ongoing brand, e.g. SW Michigan, SE Michigan, Show-Me Pickleball etc... This will allow players to plan their travel to multiple events, some of which are connected to local tourism initiatives, e.g. the Battle Creek International Balloon Festival.


The multiple branded events in a geographical area may give discounts or awards for multiple event entries as well as offer discounts to USAPA members. The multiple members’ discounts in an area will likely make it easier for players to see the benefits of joining the USAPA.


Thinking of organizing a tournament? Memoirs of a Tournament Director