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Senior Games and State Games

Senior Games

Senior Games are an excellent opportunity to encourage seniors to improve their skills, pick a partner, and take the plunge into competitive play. The 2008 Michigan Senior Olympics (MSO) was a USAPA sanctioned event (Tier 4) and it drew 70 players up from 15 in 2007. The 2009 MSO drew 135 players and teams.

Instructional skills clinics held prior to these MSO games to encourage tournament registration typically draw over 50 attendees, many of whom register that day.

Offering assistance in finding a partner has proven to be a helpful way to motivate the non-competitive player to take the plunge into competitive play.

Great to see Pickleball among the other sports in this sample Senior Olympics registration booklet! Beginning 2013 Pickleball will also be included in the National Senior Games!



State Games

State Games for all ages are held in many states; a few states have adopted pickleball into their State Games including Oregon and Michigan. There is a large opportunity for pickleball enthusiasts to band together to make the efforts necessary for the inclusion of pickleball into their State Games.