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Showcase Tournaments

USAPA Showcase Tournaments

USAPA Showcase Tournaments are branded events that represent a high level of organization, hospitality and competition. They do not require USAPA Sanctioning and they offer a stepping stone for new tournaments. These events should be highlighted on Regional and State websites because they can become a significant part of an ongoing Membership campaign.

The selection criteria include the following:

·         Open to USAPA members and non-members

·         Discounts offered to USAPA members unless this is not doable because the event is part of a larger event like the senior or state games that include other sports

·         USAPA rules enforced by trained referees (See USAPA Guide To Refereeing Pickleball)

·         USAPA tournament software used so that results are posted on the USAPA website – requires that the Tournament Director is a USAPA member

·         USAPA membership table available for onsite registration

·         Event is listed on the Regional and State websites calendar, and a description before and after the event (with pictures) is posted on the websites.

·         Branded label “USAPA Showcase Event” is used on flyers

Multiple Showcase branded events in a geographical area offer a series of discounts to USAPA members over a period of months. The multiple members’ discounts make it easier for players to see the benefits of joining the USAPA.

Showcase Tournament Director Checklist: