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Travel, Events And Management in Sports

Travel, Events And Management in Sports (TEAMS)

TEAMS Conference 2010

By Tom Burkhart
I recently attended the Travel, Events And Management in Sports (TEAMS) Conference in New Orleans. After giving a short speech to 1200 attendees (maybe 15-20 had heard of pickleball), I was able to meet with varied individuals and groups from all over the country. Many represented the Convention & Visitors Bureau  ( CVB ). In short, these people want our business.

Travel and event organizers are not always looking for "big" events like baseball or soccer. From the Places to Play database on the USAPA website, I was able to show them where pickleball was played in their own area. In turn, I gave them the name of "their" Regional Ambassador to contact in their quest to possibly help put on a tournament. When I say "put on", I don't mean that they would actually manage, or run the tournament, but they could help find a venue, dole out publicity, book rooms (if needed), etc.

Travel and event organizers want to be in "on the ground floor" of the explosion that is beginning with pickleball. I asked those that I talked with to wait until November 15th to get in contact with the ambassador's name (usually regional, but one or two local) I gave them. This will at least give you a "heads up" as to what these potential helpers are contacting you about, and how you may want to react.