Recreation Best Practices


We are focused on cultivating a recreational experience unique to pickleball. We play pickleball “just for the FUN of it”. We understand the fitness and health benefits that can accrue to senior and younger players alike, and to families that have found a game that crosses the generational gap that can otherwise separate us.


Recreation Best Practices include the following:

·         Hosting Free Beginner Demo Clinics

·         Mixed Generation Pickleball (MXG)

·         Painting Pickleball Lines and Court Conversion 

·         Pickleball…”just for the HEALTH of it!”

·         Recreational Speed Pickleball (RSP) aka Mixed Up Doubles

·         acquiring equipment

·         attracting younger players

·         identifying new places to play - recreation centers, YMCA, RV parks, churches...

·         obtaining grant funding to start new programs

·         File Attached: Starting a Senior Community Program

·         team conversion – softball teams, dodge ball teams, etc looking for an off-season sport that team members can enjoy together

·         File Attached: Working with Physical Education Teachers

·         File Attached: Working with Recreation Center Managers

·         obtaining ongoing feedback from the recreational players. For example, a Players Survey has been developed to capture and measure player satisfaction. It also identifies players that are interested in volunteering for leadership positions.



FUN Social Round Robin Bracket Helps

by USAPA Regional Ambassador Donna Donald

·         File Attached: Round_Robin_Rotation_6_To_16_Players

·         File Attached: Round_Robin_Rotation_Rules_Scoresheets