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Mixed Generation Pickleball (MXG)

Mixed Generation Pickleball (MXG)

The first question most younger players ask when introduced to pickleball is: "Do you have tournaments for players my age?"

On the road to answering "YES!" to that question, the notion of a Mixed Generation Pickleball tournament division was born.

In the true spirit of the original creation of the game, Mixed Generation Pickleball provides a healthy family activity..."just for the FUN of it!"

·         Abbreviation: MXG

·         Definition: Round robin recreational pickleball tournament division with about a 20+ year age span between the MXG Partners

·         Goals/Methods:

o   Encourage the growth of pickleball among our 'younger friends' by providing a FUN way for parents/grandparents to invite their children/grandchildren into the game 'seasoned citizens' relish.

o   Promote healthy individuals and healthy families by providing a pickleball tournament division that can be played for a lifetime.

o   Increase tournament participation by providing a recreational division that is enjoyed by ALL ages and ALL skill level players.

o   Grow our youth and young adult pickleball community by providing an entry level pickleball tournament division that leaves players saying: "Just one more game!"


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Recreational Mixed Generation Pickleball Festival!

Experience the MXG PoP in the Park!

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Oct 28, 2010, 11:11 AM
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Oct 28, 2010, 9:58 AM